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The services of BCCBR are provided on the territory of the both countries, Bulgaria and Romania, by the established network between the offices of the Chamber in Sofia and Bucharest and international network of chambers of commerce and industry in different other countries.


The members of the Chamber are direct, honorary and founding members.

The members of the Chamber are entitled to make advantageous use of the services rendered by BCCBR free of charge and/or at preferential rates, to take part in the organized events, to receive information about its activity, to initiate or join in the discussion of various issues with regard to their activity and interests, etc.

In addition to the above-listed rights, the direct members of the BCCBR can participate in the General Assembly of the Chamber, in its management, in the execution of its programme and are entitled to special packages of services provided for them.

The Chamber has two levels of direct membership - direct membership (for companies) and individual membership. 


​Becoming a member of BCCBR you can benefit from different advantages and privileges that BCCBR offers.

The BCCBR membership is the best solution for you if:


  • You are a company that want to start with it’s products on a new market and want more info about it    

  • You are already on the market and you need support on different activities: contacts with different authorities, information related to law and   regulation, expert opinions on industry or products, support services (accounting, law, HR, IT)

  • You want to participate on different events in the region – fairs, exhibitions, round tables – that BCCBR partners are organizing and we can provide info and special prices and conditions

  • You need information about a Bulgarian or Romanian company that you would like to get in touch with

  • You need promotion for your company on a different  country market

  • You need to find a proper partner in another country

  • You want to participate on economic missions in another countries

Additionally as a member of BCCBR:


  • You can receive invitations or different  types of  documents confirming your status to companies from another country

  • You can benefit of mediation services and arbitration

  • Represented members in Arbitration court of BCCI and CCIR with a discount rate of 35%

  • You have the possibility of using BCCBR office for official meetings with counterpart companies

  • and further more benefits described in our membership packages below.

​The direct members of the BCCBR that have paid their membership fee are entitled to place the logo of the Chamber on their website or on other documents together with their own logo, and those members that have not fully fulfilled their membership obligations to the BCCBR, in compliance with its Statutes should discontinue the use of the BCCBR logo.

In order to become part of Bulgarian and Romanian business and to develop great international contacts, join us and become members of BCCBR !


You can find Membership Package for companies here

To become a member, please fulfill the following registration form and send it to

Our members

Paysera is a global online platform for money transfers and payment services, licensed from the
National Bank of Lithuania.
 The company operates in all over the world and in 25 currencies.
 It has a growing share in the international money transfers and e-money services market in
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Poland - for 2018, the total number of
international money transfers performed from Paysera clients via the system is >1.87 mln
EUR for the amount of 3.9 bill. EU
Standard Business
Standard Business is first of all a multidisciplinary team of experts, with solid knowledge in law, taxation, accounting and human resources, who have come together to offer entrepreneurs two valuable things: time and safety. Standard Business as a company was established in 2010 and gained the trust of over 2000 SMEs who have chosen over time to entrust the tax, accounting, legal and human resources processes of their organizations into its experts’ hands.
Nitrocom JSC
Venture Equity Bulgaria
ZIT International
Nano Dental Academy
Ratio 4711
WAM Group
Amiantit Pipe Systems
Energy Market AD
3D Print
Cleantech Bulgaria
Cleantech Romania
Exsto Management
CMS Sofia
Green Academy
Happy Tour
Iliev & Partners
OMV Bulgaria
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