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BCCBR offers large range of services dedicated to the special needs of it's members. The Chamber establishes direct contacts with different authorities, service providers and partners in order to present to it's members working solutions and professional support on all levels.  


​- Promotion of the relations, cooperation and constant social dialogue between the chamber and authorities of Bulgaria and Romania

​- Constant expansion of economic relations on the basis of equal partnership and mutulal advantages between Bulgaria and Romania

- Creation of favorable conditions for promotion of modern forms of a commercial exchange, economic, scientific and technical cooperation

- Consulting services for members of the BCCBR in the field of economy, justice and commerce

- Translation and legalization services

- Attraction of strategic investors interested to invest in Bulgaria and/or Romania.


​As a member of the BCCBR, you will have endless opportunities to meet other members in order to promote the business interests and develop long-term relationships. Listed below are some of our most popular events:

- Business After Hours

- Training Sessions and Seminars

- Special Breakfast and Lunch Programs

- Annual Dinner Meeting

- Committee Meetings

- Networking with Elected Officials

- Other special events

The Chamber will force the establishment of communications with associations and the similar national and international organizations, an exchange of commercial information, arrangement on partner programs and common projects or other ways of cooperation.


​BCCBR members get news of developments in policy, law and regulation in Bulgaria, Romania and on EU level at an early stage, winning time to make the right decisions for their business. The information and documentation services incude:

- Subscription to Chambers newsletter

- Annual report and analyses about the development on Bulgarian and Romanian markets 

- Members catalog

- Fairs and Exibitions

- National and international events and invitations


​- Formation, specialization and vocational guidance of members of the Chamber

- Professional development programs for business professionals and employees

- industry specializations for experts

- job exchange programs based on industry need



- Advertising opportunities in different issues released by the Chamber

- Listing in the Annual Directory
- Listing on the Chamber’s website with a free link to your site
- Resource Publications
- Sponsorship Opportunities
- Awards and Recognition Programs

As a Chamber, we are loyal to our members. We act as a referral service for our members and always give loyalty by referring to member businesses.

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